Our Services: Right for Any Occasion

A special celebration should be a memorable experience for you and your guests. FlavornTaste Foods provides the inspiration and services you need.   Whether an original Buffet for a family birthday or the orchestration of a large party including Catering we ensure the success of your celebration – reliably, creatively and completely in accordance with your wishes. 


Catering with tablecloths and chafers or simpler style checkered table covers for bbq!


Demonstration Cooking- create a Sensation Station!  We staff it and cook to order with customer choice offerings!


Our sweet Red Top Food Trailer that is ready to go to your location to create tasteful foods that you will love!  



We organize and provide catering services for a range of events including: 

     Weddings      Birthdays         Baby Showers

       Graduation     Corporate Retreats          Sales Meetings

       Festival,           Fair,                  Small Events



    Let us help you with your business!                                                                       We can provide food for your locaton that will keep your customers happy and staying longer without adding staff yourself.   And your staff can do what they are being paid to do for you.

Contact us for more information or to speak with one of our food service specialists.                                          CALL OR TEXT 614 260-3986

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