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Who We Are:Flavor N Taste Food Services is a company that provides food service to places that would benefit from having fresh and delicious cuisines at their place of business or event.    We offer a number of ways to meet your food service needs. Based on factors such as space, number of patrons or attendance for an event, or themes, we will come up with a service plan that fits your vision.  Avenues used to accomplish theses goals include:    Catering. We will plan a menu, prepare, and deliver food to you ready for service.    Mobile Vending. We will come to your event or establishment with our deluxe food trailer and sell food to your patrons or guest. This option is at no cost to you. Why food service?  Having food at your business or function makes the experience more complete and   enjoyable.  Patrons stay longer and will give more positive reviews to friends and online rating systems.  If your establishment serves alcohol, it's just good business. Eating and drinking simply go together! Why not provide both?  If you would like a tasting of our cuisine please choose from our samples below and give us a call                                                                        

  Whether an event for your business social, a big family celebration at home or a large event in a rented location, we  will provide the delicious meals to make it a great time!


Creative, great tasting fresh food to put a smile on your face, that is our goal. 

We are just as comfortable making that homemade meal and southern style cooking  comfort food, as an international dish with a twist.


It can have some planning, or no pomp and circumstance at all.  Tailgateing for example, or a big backyard barbeque.  KEEP US IN MIND FOR ALL OF YOUR CATERING NEEDS!


The advantages of Flavor N Taste Food Services 

  • Years of experience in the organization of events of all sizes 
  • Diverse and high quality cuisine
  • A high degree of creativity and involvement
  • Fair and transparent prices

              Serving Central Ohio 


Call us 614- 260-3986


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